Endangered lemurs shown in documentary ‘Island of Lemurs: Madagascar’

Freeman voices concerns about endangered lemurs shown in ‘Island of Lemurs: Madagascar’

In ‘Island of Lemurs: Madagascar’, Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman tells the tale of the earliest remaining primates, the lemurs.

Photo with IMAX 3D cameras, the movie uses conservationist Dr. Patricia Wright as she reports Madagascar’s lemur population and efforts to safeguard the endangered primates from deforestation.

Island of Lemurs Madagascar

Island of Lemurs Madagascar

“We have an exceptional pet named the Indri. That’s the biggest of all of the lemurs which are living today which is an amazing performer-like, operatic,” claims lemur specialist Dr. Patricia Wright.

“The Sifakas are what we’d contact the Dance Lemurs. They’re those that… they are able to continue the floor and do the stylish party, or they may be within the woods going from tree to tree… large advances, fantastic, amazing creatures!,” says Dr. Wright.

“All these lemurs have something in keeping – in the child towards the very biggest one – all of them have female dominance. The women would be the leaders. The women would be the people which make the options of what meals they eat and where each goes and wherever they’re likely to stay,” says Dr. Wright.

‘Island of Lemurs: Madagascar’ is available today in IMAX theatres over the Usa.

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