Egyptian court sentences leading Muslim Brotherhood leader to death

Egyptian court sentences top Muslim Brotherhood leader to death

An Egyptian court sentenced the head of 682 followers to death on Monday and the banned Muslim Brotherhood, intensifying a crackdown to the motion that may trigger protests and political violence in front of an election next month.

The Brotherhood, in a statement released in London, explained the judgment as chilling and said it’d “continue to utilize all peaceful way to end military rule”.

Egyptian court sentences top Muslim Brotherhood leader to death

Egyptian court sentences top Muslim Brotherhood leader to death

An Islamist coalition which includes the Brotherhood called on Egyptians to show from the death sentences in the streets of Cairo on Wednesday.

In another event signaling increasing intolerance of dissent by army-backed authorities, a pro-democracy movement that helped spark the rebellion that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak in 2011 was prohibited by court order, judicial sources said.

The death sentence for Mohamed Badie, the Brotherhoodis general information, will irritate people of the team, that has been the goal of restrictions, arrests and raids because the army pushed President Mohamed Mursi from power in July.

the Un as well as america expressed alarm within the judgment.

Some Brotherhood members fear pressure from security forces as well as the courts might get some young people to violence from the movement’s old enemy, the Egyptian state.

Islamist militants based in the Sinai Peninsula have stepped up attacks against security forces since Mursi’s overthrow, killing thousands.

On Monday evening, Cairo experts found two weapons which were grown within the vehicle of an army officer, security officials said.

Badie, considered a conservative hardliner, was charged with offenses including inciting hatred that followed the army overthrow of Mursi, who’s also on trial on a range of costs.

The minor, 70-year-old professional professor stood trial in Cairo in another event hours after the sentence was confirmed.

“I’ll not escape in the right way when I was performed by them a thousand times,” Badie was quoted as saying by attorney Osama Mursi, who joined one of his tests in Cairo.

The remarks were printed about the Facebook site of Osama Mursi, daughter of the Brotherhood chief ousted as leader.

Two security officials told Reuters that Badie seemed relaxed and joked, wondering other Brotherhood members to purchase him the red outfit that criminals condemned to death use.

Tough measures from the Brotherhood recommend the experts still view it like a significant risk, despite the fact that the majority of its leaders and a large number of people are behind bars.

Regulators are well aware the movement started in 1928 has survived repression under successive Egyptian autocrats.


The White House said it had been “deeply troubled” from the judgment.

“Today’s judgment, such as the one last month, defies even the standard requirements of international justice,” it said in a statement. U.S. issues would be raised by Secretary of State John Kerry in a conference with all the Egyptian foreign minister on Tuesday, Kerry’s spokeswoman said.

The federal government said last week that it’d partially resume military aid to Egypt, 6 months after cutting off the help in the aftermath of Mursi’s ouster. 10 Apache helicopters are being delivered by the management to Cairo and it has notified Congress of its intent to deliver $650 million in support for weapons systems employed for border security, counterterrorism, anti-smuggling and non-proliferation.

Some U.S. lawmakers said they were carefully reviewing the decision to deliver the cash to Egypt, saying they wished to know for many the way – and who’d utilize the cash.

“I wish to discover, are they likely to have the best election? Iam not likely to buy state thatis in a situation of anarchy,” U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, the most effective Republican to the Senate subcommittee that oversees foreign aid, told Reuters.

Answering the crucial U.S. remarks, the Egyptian Embassy in Washington said the circumstances “are unfolding under a completely independent judiciary, a primary base of democracies.

“The Executive branch thus can’t intervene within this judicial process or otherwise undermine its independence,” the embassy statement said. “These conclusions are just an initial part of a legal process involving various phases for appeal. Egypt’s prosecutor general has started the processes essential to appeal these decisions.”

The Brotherhood, thought to have about 1 million followers within the country of 85 million, has vowed to topple the federal government through protests.

Responding to what it termed the “chilling” court judgment, the Brotherhood said the planet can’t afford to remain quiet.

“The Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms continue to utilize all peaceful way to end military rule and obtain justice for the Egyptian people, and it’ll continue to fight relentlessly for democracy and freedom in Egypt,” the party’s London office said in an e-mailed statement.

In another event, a court affirmed death sentences on 37 others. The rulings were a part of your final view on 529 Muslim Brotherhood supporters last month condemned. The rest of the defendants were jailed for life, judicial sources said.

Death sentence recommendations in the event involving Badie will soon be handed down to Egypt’s Mufti, the greatest spiritual authority. His view could be dismissed from the judge. The rulings could be appealed. Several defendants are away from home.

Large trials within the largest Arab state have reinforced fears among human-rights organizations the government and anti-Islamist judges are employing all levers of power to crush competitors.

“The choices are probably the biggest possible death sentences in recent world history. Theyare definitely not exceptional in-kind, although theyare excellent in size,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director for Middle East and North Africa at Human Rights Watch.

“it would appear that these phrases are targeted at striking fear and panic to the minds of people who oppose the interim government.”

The political turmoil that’s held Egypt along with a fast-growing Islamist insurgency have hurt the economy, which increased with a meager 2.1 percent this past year.

“In a month, more individuals are sentenced by Egypt to death compared to the remaining world combined. It’s not the type of information to revive confidence,” Angus Blair, chairman of financial and enterprise forecasting think-tank Signet, published on Twitter.


As word spread of the death sentences, family screamed and cried away from courtroom within the city of Minya.

“It Is A corrupt government. This can be a failed plan. We’ve no real police. We’ve no real condition,” said Sabah Hassan, whose daughter was sentenced to death.

Others collapsed around the road as soldiers with AK-47 assault rifles sitting on an armored car appeared on.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the general who deposed Mursi were charged by relatives. The previous head of military intelligence under Mubarak is likely to easily win presidential elections on May 26-27 in a region long dominated by men in the army, Mursi’s time in office representing the rare exception.

Many people chanted: “Sisi is ruling like a double” and “May God punish you for that which you did”.

An attack has been expanded by regulators to secular activists.

A ruling on Monday banning the actions of the April 6 motion uses the imprisonment of three of its leading customers this past year on charges of protesting illegally. Costs against April 6 involved “harming the image of their state”.

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