Concerns advance for Europe’s fuel supplies over Ukraine fee line

Fears escalate for Europe’s gas supplies over Ukraine payment row

Concerns are growing the Crimea challenge could cause Russia to stop gas supplies to Ukraine’s crippled economy having a knock-on effect for Europe.

The Kremlin said President Vladimir Putin will meet senior officials on Wednesday to discuss economic ties with Ukraine, including power.

EU gas supply chain INFOGRAPHICS

EU gas supply chain INFOGRAPHICS

The cost the Ukrainians are now being charged for gasoline continues to be doubled by Russia’s state-controlled company Gazprom, that is demanding that Kyiv spend the equivalent of 1.6 billion pounds that it owns for fuel already moved.

Europe’s gas supplies

Europe’s gas supplies

Gazprom hasn’t said whether it’d stop supplies when they don’t pay. It’s previously recommended that it could ask if it does not pay its bills Kiev to pay for ahead of time because of its gasoline.

In Brussels, EU officials, Ukraine’s energy minister and business representatives met on Tuesday to talk about how to lessen dependence on Russian gas.

One method to do this could be using liquefied gas, that is super-cooled and moved on boats from places all over the world.

Europe gas supplies

Europe gas supplies

Because the last situation over Kiev’s unpaid fuel bills last year – which resulted in the trouble of exports to western Europe – the European Union launched more green power, although not enough in order to dispense with power supplies from Russia and has increased gas-storage.

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