Comet Hunters ‘Let’s do some science’

Comet Hunters ‘Let’s do some science’

Rosetta closing rapidly, and is currently under four million kilometers from its target comet. At ESA’s foundation within the Netherlands objective Fred Jansen and experts Matt Taylor are organizing the technology.

“What we’re doing from the medical perspective is currently taking a look at the long term, to determine what we’re likely to do when we’re in the comet,” says Taylor.

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Comet Hunters ‘Let’s do some science’

“This year we’re also seeking to determine where that lander will drop, where’s the very best indicate put that lander.”

For Fred Jansen, the Rosetta Mission Director, the excitement of the little-known comet just increases the pleasure: “What is truly fascinating here obviously may be the goal, we don’t understand it actually, so exactly what we make today, a single impulse of the comet and it may be thrown from the window.”

Such is Matt Taylor’s commitment towards the cause he proudly wears tattoos showing important ESA initiatives: “I had a tattoo done of the prior mission I was focusing on so obviously I’d to own one done of Rosetta.”

So what’s Matt’s information to Rosetta?

“Hi Rosetta, you’ve performed properly, you’ve turn out of hibernation. Forget about sleeping. ‘It’s on like Donkey Kong’ – let’s do some technology,” he tells her.

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