China says no ‘conflict’ with Vietnam

China urges talks, says no ‘clash’ with Vietnam

China on Thursday denied Vietnamese states it required a peaceful conclusion to some bitter row started by Beijing’s parking of the large oilrig in contested waters and acted strongly within the South China Sea.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping said no “conflict” had occurred because the argument erupted in the weekend. He severely detrimental two, was answering Vietnam’s statements that Chinese ships deliberately rammed ten of its boats and used water cannon, and wounding six sailors.

China, urges, talks, clash, Vietnam

China urges talks, says no ‘clash’ with Vietnam

“I do not think there is a conflict. I think it was a distinction of view on some conflicts,” Cheng told reporters about the sidelines of the community in Beijing.

“the region in question is Chinese place and undoubtedly we shall keep up with the nation’s primary interests and protect our sovereignty. Vietnam should be aware of this,” Cheng said, adding the two nations may solve conflicts through “peaceful talks”.

“This challenge isn’t concerning the whole relationship between Vietnam and China. Itis local. It’s manageable.”

Both Communist countries have wanted to reserve thoughts and boundary conflicts of the short border war in 1979. Vietnam is generally cautious about remarks against China, that it depends on for bilateral trade that exceeded $50 billion in 2013 and political support.

Nevertheless, Hanoi told the proprietors, China’s condition-run gas firm CNOOC, to eliminate it, and has clearly condemned the functioning of the drilling platform, the initial such activity by Beijing in competitive waters.

China has left about 80 boats round the platform, Vietnamese authorities have said, adding that eight of these were military. Its foreign ministry on Wednesday showed journalists what it mentioned were videos of Chinese boats striking Vietnamese Seaguard ships.

Hanoi said it’d wanted conversation with China’s management, but was expecting an answer and has also hinted at international legal action.

Daniel Russel, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Pacific and East Asia, reiterated Washington’s worries about “violence and harmful conduct by ships” within the disputed area. He said the strip have been reviewed at length and met senior Vietnamese commanders on Thursday.

“Itis good to express both Vietnam and China have privileges to state sovereignty within the Paracels (countries),” Russel told reporters in Hanoi.

“It’s not for that U.S. to express which position is stronger. Itis inside the privileges of the global community as well as America to contact all events to deal with the challenge in a peaceful means.”


The strip using its friend delivered Vietnam’s shares markets falling on Thursday. The standard VN List in Ho Chi Minh City shut down 5.9 percent, its greatest one-day drop in almost 13 years, as the smaller Hanoi bourse dropped 6.4 percent, its greatest downturn since May 2010.

The nation’s State Securities Commission released a statement urging buyers to react rationally to information concerning the challenge.

“We recommend people prevent being cheated and remain relaxed, cautious,” it said, without elaborating.

The strip comes days after U.S. President Barack Obama visited Asia to underline his dedication to partners including the Philippines as well as Japan, both secured in territorial disputes with China.

Obama, selling a proper “rocker” towards the Asia-Pacific, also visited Malaysia and South Korea, although not China. Washington has been attempting to judge Vietnam like a new friend in the area with military and industry bonuses, basically to reduce Hanoiis anxious reliance on Beijing.

However, diplomatic sources and local military who’ve been briefed on U.S. navy actions mentioned Washington hadn’t used any warships near to the problematic region, though routine monitoring flights within the South China Sea were on-going.

Concerns will also be making in another area of the ocean, with Beijing requiring the Philippines to produce Chinese vessel and its own team grabbed on Tuesday off Half Moon Shoal within the Spratly Islands.

Philippine authorities said its own team and the vessel were taken for shopping sea turtles, that are protected under local laws.

In Hanoi, Vietnamese authorities said diplomats from both sides had achieved six times since Sunday to defuse the strip but insisted Vietnam could endure any Chinese violence within the power-rich waters.

Tran Cong Truc, a former head of the national boundary panel of Vietnam, said his nation was currently in a difficult place, as China had infringed on not only its place, but its financial resources.

Vietnam’s recent history, he explained, had proven it wasn’t worth selecting a battle with.

“Vietnam is a peace loving nation, but-don’t awaken the monster,” he explained. “We never want war however it all hangs on whether China desires to begin a battle in the area or not.”

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