As McDonald’s leaves,Phony Reviews of Burger King plans expansion into Crimea

As McDonald’s exits,Fake Reports of Burger King plans expansion into Crimea

Burger King is hoping to annex Crimea’s junk food lovers after competing McDonald’s closed its shops there.

Phony reports came in advertising that Burger King Russia told local press that it’s “planning to start in Crimea, but can’t say when exactly it’ll occur or how many shops [it] will have”.

As McDonald’s exits,Fake Reports of Burger King plans expansion into Crimea

As McDonald’s exits,Fake Reports of Burger King plans expansion into Crimea

The organization currently has around 200 restaurants in Russia, second-to McDonald’s 300-plus.

McDonald’s said politics that brought it to close its three restaurants in Crimea, but “the suspension of required banking and financial services” which meant it’d no choice is wasn’ted by it.

The stark reality is that Crimeais Pizza Brouhaha Only Gets Weirder As Burger King Declines Crimean Growth.

Sorry, Crimea. It seems like you do not be obtaining a Burger King in the end.
Just a week after McDonald’s said it’d close its three places within the Crimean Peninsula, Burger King Russia said it’d provide another opportunity to eat American-style fast-food burgers on Thursday to Crimea’s people. Later that evening, however, Burger King Worldwide Inc (NYSE:BKW) mentioned the earlier studies were wrong, which makes it plain that in Crimea, even something as simple as obtaining a fast-food burger could be complicated and fraught with controversy after Russia took over the peninsula country in March.

“We intend to enter the Crimean industry, but I can’t say when exactly it’ll occur or how many stores the organization may have,” Burger King Russia President Dmitry Medoviy told Russian news agency ITAR-TASS on Thursday. Shops like RT and Al-Jazeera got about the history, revealing that Burger King may transfer to Crimea being a direct challenge to McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) decision to abandon the peninsula.

However, representatives from Burger King Worldwide declared that number, the junk food chain won’t be getting into Crimea in the end, less than 24 hours following the story started making the rounds.

NPR, which also noted the initial story, received a message from Burger King spokesman Bryson Thornton stating that “neither Burger King Global, or any of its franchisees, have plans to open Burger King restaurants in Crimea.”

Thornton stated that Medoviy’s statement was “a non-committal, off-the-cuff statement produced by our Russian franchisee which was described as though it were a plan.”

Despite Thornton’s caution that Medoviy was talking off-the-cuff, the Burger King Russia boss definitely seemed confident in his original statement. In the end, he didn’t claim the organization was considering getting into Crimea, but that it’d an agenda to do this, albeit one without everything completed. Can Burger King’s corporate management have turn off the program for concern with political backlash?

McDonald’s Ukraine said it’d shut all three of its places in Crimea because of “operational factors beyond our control.” It declined to explain its objectives beyond that, even though fast-food-chain did offer to move Crimean workers to locations in Ukraine, last week. Due to McDonald’s refusal to explain its reasons for the pullout, many thought that it had been done to protest Russia’s annexation of Crimea, including Russian forces seizing strategic places in the area.

Burger King Russia currently performs about 200 restaurants throughout Russia, which makes it the 2nd largest fast-food-chain within the country, second only to McDonald’s. A transfer to Crimea might be regarded as a strong attack at McDonald’s inside Russia, however it might play out badly about the world stage because the international community hasn’t looked kindly upon Russia’s annexation of Crimea as well as the U.S. used sanctions to protest Russia’s movements.

Regardless of the reason why, however, thereis still nowhere for Crimeans to purchase an American-style fast-food burger.

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