Afghan Youth Focus On Sport & Music

Youth in Afghanistan is focused on sports & music

Almost 70 percent of Afghanistan’s population is under age 25,they assume their new leader to enhance sports & music facilities.

Throughout the Taliban regime, playing sports was limited. Actually cheering was only permitted when the cheers were spiritual. Several sports arenas were employed for public executions.

Afghan youth focus on sport

Afghan youth focus on sport

But things are changing for the greater.

euronews talked to an ambitious 17-year-old child at Kabul’s Olympic games center who described, “I do wrestling training here. Our goal would be to advance in wrestling and win an Olympic medal to honour my country.”

Euronews reporter Mustapha Carrier stated: “Despite limited services and the insufficient infrastructure, Afghan youth make an effort to strengthen themselves in activity. Many work hard to become the very best and get medals for his or her region. International aid helps support this Olympic games centre in the capital.”

Afghan Youth Love Music

Afghan Youth Love Music

New Afghan leader must ‘reach a political compromise’

As vote counting got underway after Afghanistan’s presidential election, ballot boxes were sent by vehicles for the Independent Election Commission in Kabul.

Political experts say the new leader ought to be prepared to “reach a political compromise.”

Haroon Mir, political analyst, said: “Many applicants represent the interest of particular cultural groups and it’s for that good of Afghan people and also the nation when we’re able to achieve a political compromise within the runoff between the top two competitors, that’ll be a better outcome.”

A runoff is generally anticipated since no candidate will probably obtain the bulk required for an overall success.

Benefits aren’t expected to get a week or even more.

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