$16,000 prize for prospects on Xinjiang railway bombers is offered by police

Police offer $16,000 reward for leads on Xinjiang railway bombers


After filing the strike “event closed” last week, authorities today seeking fresh leads.
RMB 100,000 agreed to a person with essential information about the suspects.
Pictures of suspects releases in a reward notice by police.

Hongkong – Chinese authorities are attractive to the general public for prospects about the alleged attackers of the knife and bombing problems that happened within the nation’s restive Xinjiang province last week.

Police offer $16,000 reward for leads on Xinjiang railway bombers

Police offer $16,000 reward for leads on Xinjiang railway bombers

A notice in the Saybagh Area police station in Urumqi, the provincial capital of Xinjiang in western China, widely distributed by Chinese media and was published online on Saturday morning. It declares the RMB 100,000 ($16,000) incentive for anybody who are able to provide essential info on the suspects of the problems.

Xinhua, China’s state media organization, reported Thursday that authorities had shut the situation about knife problems that happened at Urumqi South Railway Station and the April 30 bombing. A couple, called religious extremists, were charged for that event, among that was recognized as Sedirdin Sawut, a 39-year-old guy from Aksu in southern Xinjiang.

Both suspects were killed within the blast as well as one innocent bystander. Another 79 everyone was wounded in the attack.

Based on the prize notice, law enforcement are actually searching for new leads. The internet poster displays pictures of the alleged attackers, among which is really a supposedly a headshot of the corpse of the dead suspect.

The prize notice has since been taken offline, but a Xinjiang officer surnamed Wang could verify to CNN the incentive offer continues to be essentially. He’d not say why the notice was taken offline.

Armed police presence

Xinhua, quoting police, also stated “blade-wielding enemies” attacked people at among the stationis leaves following a blast.

The station reopened about two hours following the event with guests entering under a seriously-armed police presence.

The attacks coincided with the conclusion of the four-day trip of the location by President Xi Jinping.

Following the blast, President Xi advised “major steps” against violent terrorist attacks.

The combat separatist violence within the autonomous region within the northwest of the nation was a target of the Chinese leader’s visit.

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